Kentish Guards

Rhode Island Historic Militia
Chartered October 29th, 1774

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The Kentish Guards, RIHM are looking for new Active Members who are interested in the perpetuation of the history of the of Rhode Island and the County of Kent. We are also looking for Associate Members who may not want to actively participate but would like to support the Kentish Guards in carrying out our mission to perpetuate history.

Although the protecting the Town of East Greenwich form Tory attack is no longer needed, the Guards are a very active Historic Militia and Fife & Drum Company active in many historical events including, parades, Fife and Drum musters, and Civil and State Events.
Enlistees are being sought for the Militia Company for Musket men, Artillerymen and for the Color Guard.

The Fife & Drum Corps is seeking enlistees interested in the Fife, Snare Drum and the Bass Drum. Experience preferred but not necessary. Training will be provided. 

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about joining the Kentish Guards:

Q. Do I need to know somebody or have an ancestor that was in the Kentish Guards or served during the revolutionary War?
A. No. Our membership is comprised of people who enjoy history and music. You do not need to know anyone or have had an ancestor in the Kentish Guards. You do need to be of good character. All applications are required to have background check (BCI) with application for membership.

Q. What does it cost to become an Active, Auxiliary or Associate member?
A. Annual dues are $40/year for all Memberships. For prospective members, an application needs to be filled out with a $5 fee and a current BCI.

Q. How old does someone have to be to join the militia or fife & drum?
A. An Active Militia Membership a person needs to be 17 years old. A fife and drum applicant should generally be 16 or over. However, if someone has exceptional ability, consideration is given. Any member under the age of 18 must have a parental consent form signed. It is strongly encouraged that a parent/guardian join with any member under 18, but not necessary. Contact us for information on the Junior Membership.

Q. When and where do you meet?
A. The Kentish Guards militia meet every Tuesday throughout the year at the Armory on Peirce Street at 7:00pm. The fife & drum practice each Wednesday evening at the Armory 7:00pm.

Q. How do I get a uniform? What does it cost?
A. Upon being voted in as a member, we will attempt to supply you with the necessary uniform components for you to get started. There is a $100 uniform deposit.

Q. How do the Kentish Guards decide what events to do and how many?
A. The Kentish Guards typically sets it schedule in January or February each year based on previous years' events. When a new event comes up, it is voted on by the membership at a business meeting. Members are encouraged to attend as many events as possible, but are not required to attend all.

Q. What is the Member application process?
A. A prospective Member fills out an application with a $5 fee and current BCI form. The application is reviewed by the Executive committee of the company and then read at the next business meeting of the company. It is suggested that a prospective member attend meetings for a couple months to get to know other members. The application will then be tabled until the next business meeting when the company will vote on the applicant. If elected the applicant will serve a 6-month probationary period before being voted a member of the company.

Q. Is instruction provided?
A. Yes, musical instruction is provided. It is preferable, but not necessary, to have prior musical knowledge/ability. Militia drilling in marching, musket drilling, and flag detail is provided.

All interested persons are encouraged to contact us at: 1774 Armory Street, East Greenwich, RI 02818, by phone at 401-588-1748, or by email at

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