Kentish Guards

Rhode Island Historic Militia
Chartered October 29th, 1774

The Uniform

The uniform worn by the Kentish Guards is that which was worn during the period 1790 thru 1820 and re-adopted by the Kentish Guards in 1928. The musicians wear bicorn hats, and the militiamen wear the bear fur crested light infantry helmets.

The original uniform of the Kentish Guards, according to the best information available, was a red coat with green facings and silver trim, silver buttons, white waistcoat, and breeches. The musicians would have been wearing "reversed colors;" i.e., green coats with red facings, as was the military custom of the day.

The Kentish Guards decided to re-adopt the Federal period uniform because of the recognition and patriotic factor of the red, white, and blue color scheme.

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